Establishing your PC or Mac is one.

But whether it’s the hassle of plugging in cloud storage’s cost or an external drive, people don’t back up as often as they need to.  

The new Drive update of Google will help solve that problem. Revealed at a article on the organization’s enterprise-focused   G Suite apps website, Google is preparing an upgrade which provides a feature  named Backup and Sync.

The update, which will go live on June 28, will allow consumer users of Drive to back up complete folders of their computer . This means that rather than placing individual files or photographs to the Google Drive folder from the Desktop folder of the computer, you can automatically have Google Drive back up everything and the Desktop folder within it. Google will even back up the folder.  

Google says it does not scan the files.  

Cloud backups’ area is a space, with a variety of different alternatives including CrashPlan, Mozy Home, iDrive and Carbonite. That said, Google’s new offering could be an interesting choice given the ease and speed of Google Drive —  the search giant gives away for free, though if you do choose to Google’s support to copy you will likely need some storage beyond 15GB. The company sells greater choices, with 100GB available for $1.99 a month ($19.99 for a year) and 1TB available for $9.99 a month ($99.99 per year).

No matter platform or service you use, now’s a good time to remind you to be certain to back up that pc.