Amazon and Google acted this week at a schoolyard spat.

“He began it first,&rdquo.

Amazon had it coming for throwing its weight around. Kudos for shoving back to Google.

To recap: Amazon refused to inventory the Nest thermostat and Google Chromecast in the world’s biggest and most popular online store. Thus Google retaliated by yanking company-owned YouTube off the Echo Show smart speaker (no biggie) and the FireTV stick (a biggie.)

FireTV is a reasonable vehicle for people to receive their amusement on TVs, and is among the marketed and most promoted holiday presents.

In fact, as we’ve been coordinating our Discussing Tech Shopping Guide editions for the holiday, we were ready to called the FireTV the most effective all-around streaming option for customers, because of its price (sells for $39.99, but has been disregarded as low as $25) and how it’s easy to use and set up.

So why is it that we think Amazon had it coming?

In the event that you’re planning to market yourself as with “the world’s biggest selection” of products, then you need to have a Switzerland approach to everything you inventory.

Amazon doesn’t market Apple TV, which will be a rival to FireTV, or even the Google Home, a low-priced alternative to its Echo line of speakers.

However, you know what does? Best Buy. Target and Walmart.  And a lot of other retailers.

Sure, receiving products in and paying $ 99 for entertainment and Prime expedited shipping minutes is intoxicating, but have you really looked at all those empty stores and Main Street recently?

Maybe it’s time to take a few minutes and spread your bucks that don’t block out.  

We tried shopping for a Google Home Mini speaker and Apple TV this week at (which also stocks Amazon products, FYI), and so were offered free transport without having to pay $99 for yearly Prime, or the option of picking this up in store on precisely the same day. Walmart had the offer.    

Pretty aggressive.

It’s not that hard to shop elsewhere. Maybe the shopping experience won’t even be as great as with Amazon, which is as good as it gets. But do you want to live in a world where Amazon controls every one your bucks? Or would you like to find a few competitions remain strong?

And the Exact Same goes for Google.

With a business practice of tracking your every movement? Watch videos on Facebook or Vimeo. Use the Bing search engine optimization. Switch from a Android cellphone.  

Distribute the wealth.    

In other tech news this week: 

Apple may consume Shazam up. The music discovery program, which employs the microphone has been one of Apple apps. According to TechCrunch, Apple is set to obtain Shazam in a $400 million deal.  

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