If there’s 1 thing we have learned from Pokémon Go, it’s that smartphone phones aren’t quite as good as manufacturers say that they are. And also to maintain grabbing Pokémon, you ought to continue recharging your phone.

There’s an easy solution: a battery backup. These electricity banks usually store enough juice to charge your phone or tablet over many times and work anywhere. And you may pick up one for under $20 now with all the  Anker PowerCore 10000 ($18.69 in Amazon).

Anker is one of the purveyors of cellular accessories, and also the PowerCore 10000 provides a wonderful combination of capacity and portability. Its 10,000mAh capability is enough to control most smartphones times over and it’s roughly as big as a deck of (Pokémon) playing cards. I have a comparable backup and I have used it for plenty of other devices including cameras, lights, and a fan at the beach.

This version does not have all the attributes of the more expensive battery backups (like the ability to charge two devices simultaneously or use Qualcomm’s Quick Charge feature), but it gets the job done in a rock bottom cost.

If you do wish to step up to a backup that has those features, you could look at something like  this Aukey 16,000 mAh battery backup  which supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and features dual USB outputs for $42.99.

Buy today at Amazon: Anker PowerCore 10000 ($18.69)