Q: I am concerned about my daughter. She is on her telephone. Can there be a program to find out what she is doing?

A: Cell phones are a boon and a curse. On the 1 hand, you wish to have the ability to contact your teenager any time you need to. But a smartphone also gives your power that is unprecedented. There are many ways technology can land a adolescent. You need to just talk it out. If you are really worried, there are programs that could retrieve web action , like texts, all of the pertinent activities, and GPS tracking. The majority of these have price tags of around $30, but there is at least one program that I find very powerful and costs nothing. Click here to find out more about this app that is clever.

Animate your Facebook profile

Q: I noticed a number of people have videos because of their Facebook profile image. Do I do that?

A eye!

Facebook often announces its major adjustments, for example Facebook Live as well as the many new emoticons you can use rather than just “liking” something. There’s a media frenzy and most of us know about changes before they roll out for all users. However, the profile GIF is something new, and millions of Facebook users have not caught on. Replacing your profile photo using a GIF is pretty easy, but you do have to understand what you are doing. Click here for the steps to place a profile GIF, plus Facebook tricks that are savvy.

Repair pokey Wi-Fi

Q: My Wi-Fi is horribly slow. What is wrong with it?

A: There are so many reasons why you have a slow link that it’s difficult to diagnose from afar. But fear not, you can check a few reasons. Some of these problems are an easy fix; Wi-Fi the way it should isn’t being picked up by your gadget, along with you may be too much out of scope. Other problems are a pain: If hackers have taken over your router, your neighbors are borrowing your connection, or your equipment is old, you’ll have work to do. Click here to pinpoint the problems and get the fixes.

Amazon Alexa’s Tips

Q: I Obtained the Amazon Echo.

It’s trendy to ask her to tell a joke to you. What interesting things can it perform?

A: Leave it to install a little Easter egg for the rest of us to enjoy. On paper, individuals refer to Alexa as a “home assistant,” but she clearly has some shortcomings. The Echo can’t bring your dry cleaning, can’t bring you your coffee, and can’t give you free treatment. Echo has thousands of skills, and you would never know about without inquiring. Allrecipes’ Alexa Skill puts 60,000 meals at your fingertips. Not only will you get step-by-step cooking instructions, but you can have meal suggestions based on. Click her for five Alexa abilities that are unexpected.

Utilizing Apple’s new Touch Bar

Q: I have the new MacBook Pro Using the Touch Bar.

It’s useful for adding emojis, adjusting volume and brightness. What else is it good for?

A: Most people will use the Touch Bar only for the things you recorded, quantity, brightness, and emojis. If you understand what to look for, but the pub has a number of tricks up its sleeve that is electronic. You can use the Touch Bar to play music, play games, hunt your photo library, and then display simple animated sequences. Some folks say that the Touch Bar is a gimmick, but I have a feeling Apple is figuring out ways to place that bar to good use. Click here to discover some fun (and funny) applications for your Touch Bar.

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