Having dazzled PC players the strike FTL: Faster Than Light is exploring a new frontier: the iPad.

The real time strategy game started on the iPad of Apple week, and it’s a tense, thrilling intergalactic adventure for the tablet.

Fans of the PC game are familiar with the premise of FTL. Players man a spaceship that has to navigate multiple systems to provide.

Players tackle FTL out of a perspective, giving complete perspective of all its crucial elements, its crew and the ship to them. Players manage the power of the ship, distributing it between oxygen, protects centers, the motors, weapons and features. In addition to this, they need to watch weapons and their fuel to ensure they’re well equipped before venturing out.

During the journey, players will experience challenges that might take them off their course, from distress signs to pirates or enemy rebels. This is the area where FTL becomes exciting.

Players can pause to assess the situation, although ship battles happen in real-time. Like taking down their weapons or defenses using weapons like missiles and burst lasers, players aim segments of enemy ships to attack.

Enemies do the same, forcing gamers to send crew members to some section of the boat fight with teleporting intruders or to put out fires.

As players advance they could unlock equipment and new ships. This edition of FTL has the Advanced Edition expansion, including weapons, enemies and more ships.

Obviously, with FTL on the iPad, controls are built to use the touch screen of the tablet. It is a delightful experience. Players tap between crew members and tools, quickly sending them off to fix man weapons stations or bays. Power levels are down or up adjusted by simple swipes . It is not perfect when players need to rapidly make changes to the fly, but they can pause to take their time and handle weapons and their crew.

What FTL maintains to iPad is a gripping adventure. Nothing in the game is more stressful than piloting a damaged ship, hoping another beacon you hit leads to a store for repairs rather than enemies waiting to finish you off. There’s also the joys of taking down a massive vessel utilizing well-planned timely and strategy sources. It is a great addition to any proprietor’s iPad.

Publisher: Subset Games

Developer: Subset Games

Platform(s): Apple iPad

Cost: $9.99

Rating: 9+

Release Date: April 3

Score: 4 from 4